Video: Livid Independiente fans hurl chairs, shoes at club president after disastrous season

Posted by Chris Wright

Independiente president Javier Cantero tried to meet with fans over the weekend to discuss the Argentine club's rotten season in which the seven-time Copa Libertadores winners were relegated from the Primera Division for the first time.

However, Cantero was forced to flee the meeting after just a few minutes when the hall was stormed by irate members of Independiente's "Barra Brava" ultras group, who rushed the stage and hurled chairs, tables and even a pair of shoes at Cantero -- the man they hold personally responsible for their beloved club's humiliating descent into the second tier -- as his security escorted him to safety.

Sadly for the Barra Brava boys, all their angry furniture re-arranging didn't help in the slightest and Independiente will still begin next season in Nacional B next season.

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