Angry Lillestrom fans accuse Valerenga ultras of ‘beheading’ their statue of club legend Tom Lund

Posted by Chris Wright Lillestrom supporters claim that the removal of the head from the Tom Lund statue was the work of Valerenga ultras.

Lillestrom fans are beside themselves today after waking to find that someone had the statue of club legend Tom Lund outside their Arasen Stadion had been "decapitated" while they slept.

An admittedly fairly minor scandal has broken out in Norway after photos were circulated of Lund's headless sculpture, with irate Lillestrom supporters adamant that the "Jebediah Spingfield-esque" statue desecration is the dastardly handiwork of Valerenga ultras, with the two teams set to meet in the Tippeligaen at the weekend.

Kenneth Kvebaek, head of Lillestrom's supporters group, knows exactly who he thinks is responsible for the vandalism, claiming that such "low brow" antics are typical of the Valerenga supporters' hardcore fringe:

"One does not have to be Sherlock Holmes to understand who has done this. It just adds to the ranks of low-brow behavior from the Valerenga ultras.

"That they would sink so low, I had never imagined. Valerenga celebrate their 100th anniversary this year. It's a hundred years of shame."

Over the course of his one-club career, Lund was a prolific striker for Lillestrom and is also regarded by many as the finest player Norway ever produced, scoring 193 goals in 336 games for his hometown team during the 1970s and early 1980s while rejecting multiple offers to join Bayern Munich and Real Madrid in the process.

He also returned to coach the club in two separate stints between 1985 and 1991.

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