Video: New app summons 5-on-5 laser pitch whenever you need one

Posted by Chris Wright

Nike have rolled out a rather swanky new smartphone app that allows you to summon up a laserbeam five-a-side pitch whenever and wherever you want to play as part of their "FC247" campaign to make football accessible at any hour of the day (though if they try ringing TP for a kickabout before 10 a.m. they'll feel a whirlwind of half-awake fury like no other!).

If you've got nine willing buddies, a ball, a pair of goalposts but nowhere to play, the app can be used to contact a specially-kitted out van equipped with a huge laser and special crane, which will then track you down using your phone's GPS coordinates and project a neon green laser pitch onto whichever slice of barren urban sprawl you wish at any hour of the night...

How nifty is that? A little silly, maybe, but definitely a cool idea.

Apparently the "FC247" app has only been tested in six neighbourhoods in Madrid. As things stand and the price of using the whole kit and caboodle hasn't been announced, so there's a good chance you'll be stuck with plain old boring jumpers for goalposts for a little while longer!

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