Video: Peruvian coach sent off for fouling opposing player

Posted by Chris Wright

With his side one goal down and chasing their Peruvian Primera Division game at Real Garcilaso, Inti Gas coach Rolando Chilavert did his players precisely zero favours by getting himself sent off in bizarre circumstances in the dying stages.

As the clock ticked into the 86th minute and with Chilavert's Inti Gas side 3-2 down, Garcilaso keeper Diego Carranza gathered an Inti Gas corner and quickly hurled the ball upfield in an effort to spark a counterattack and put the game firmly beyond the visitors.

However, Carranza's gargantuan throw proved too strong for teammate Ivan Santillan to keep it from trundling out for a throw-in, with the flying left-back sliding in vain to keep the ball in play as it skipped over the touchline where Chilavert loitered.

As the pass rolled out of play, Chilavert dangled a leg in an effort to control the ball though inadvertently made contact with Santillan as the Garcilaso man hurtled past him.

Tellingly, neither man reacted to the "incident", but that didn't stop the snippy referee immediately marching Chilavert over, brandishing the red and sending the coach to bed without any supper...

For the record, with their opposition rudderless having been deprived of a manager for the last few minutes, Garcilaso went on to score again to make the final score 4-2.

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