David De Gea wrote 'see you in Manchester' on Thiago Alcantara's Euro U21 final hat-trick matchball

Posted by Chris Wright

Having scored a "perfect" hat-trick (i.e, one goal with his left foot, one right, one header) in the final of the European U21 Championships on Tuesday evening, Barcelona young'n Thiago Alcantara, as is customary in these situations, was allowed to go home with the matchball.

After the game, Thiago tucked the ball under his arm and went out to face the media in the mixed zone, with a smattering of eagle-eyed types on Twitter noticing that, among the various signatures and congratulatory snippets daubed onto the ball in marker pen, one message read "Nos vemos en Manchester", which translates as "See you in Manchester".

Thiago's ball

Of course, what with it being transfer silly season, the gossip-mongers of the social media world were sent into a ravenous frezy with the message adjudged to have been written by David De Gea, being the only Spain U21 player based in Manchester, and that the cryptic message could only mean one thing - yep, you guessed it: Thiago is now 100 percent officially joining Manchester United this summer.

What do you reckon United fans, is it enough to get you excited?

(Video via Zoomin.tv)

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