Serbian amateur GK plays entire game with bullet lodged in his brain, goes to hospital with 'headache'

Posted by Chris Wright

An amateur goalkeeper in a local game in the Sarajevo neighbourhood of Boljakov Potok had to be taken to hospital after the match after he unwittingly "saved" a shot of entirely the wrong kind -- playing for almost the entire 90 minutes with a bullet in his head.

Dusko Krtalica, 51, complained about having a headache during the game, believing the pain to be a result of him hitting his head on the goalpost at one stage. After the game Krtalica then began complaining of numbness in his extremities and slurring speech.

He was immediately taken to hospital for tests before being transferred to the Department of Emergency Medicine Hospital in Kosovo for an x-ray (the In Serbia website have a copy of the utterly astounding x-ray image), only for doctors to find that he had a bullet lodged deep in his temple.

A spokeswoman for Clinical Center of the University in Sarajevo, Biljana Jandric, later told reporters: "During operation a foreign object was removed from the head of the patient."

"After the surgery he was transferred to the Intensive Care in Neurosurgery Clinic. For now his vital signs are stable."

We've only got one question really: how in the name of all that is holy did he not notice?

According to Serbian daily newspaper Kurir, police are almost certain that the bullet hit Krtalica after being fired up into the air in celebration at a nearby wedding, as 12 other spent cartridges were found near the pitch.

A 42-year-old man from the Boljakov Potok district has since been arrested.

Crazy. Truly crazy.

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