Video: UFC champion Anderson Silva slapped by Pele in brilliant 'alternate reality' viral

Posted by Chris Wright

Like many Brazilians kids, UFC hardman Anderson Silva grew up dreaming of emulating his heroes by one day pulling on the famous yellow shirt and playing for the national team.

Sadly, there came the inevitable day when little Anderson realised he didn't quite have the footballing chops to ever make the Selecao squad and instead dedicated himself to punching people hard in the face and choking them unconscious for a living.

As a bit of fun, Vivo Sports have produced a rather brilliant "what if?" yarn vis-a-vis Silva's career path, imagining how the MMA fighter's football career may have turned out had he somehow made the grade.

Cue some genuinely funny scenes as Silva tries (and fails) to keep a lid on his UFC tendencies as, even in his own daydream, he struggles to tread water in the Brazilian national team -- culminating in a sturdy "wake-up" slap from none other than Pele himself...

(Video: Vivo Sport)

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