Argentinian player sent-off for throwing dog from pitch has contract cancelled

Posted by Chris Wright

A bit of good news for all of you out there who happen to despise people that go around chucking dogs over fences by their necks, in that Enzo Jimenez -- the Argentinian player who took it upon himself to get rid of a pitch-invading dog by hurling it over the perimeter wall and into the crowd at the weekend -- has had his contract torn up by his club for his senseless display of animal cruelty.

Jimenez's (now former) employers, Club Sportivo Bella Vista of the Argentinian regional leagues, issued a statement on Wednesday confirming that the player had been sacked.

"The Executive Committee of CS Bella Vista [have decided that], by violently throwing a dog that had entered the field of play while the game was in progress, our club cannot protect the human and sporting image of Jose Antonio Jimenez, which has been damaged by his incomprehensible attitude," said the statement.

"In accordance with the Committee's Book of Proceedings, we have cancelled his registration from our roster."

Apologies if our slightly iffy Spanish-English translation isn't 100 percent kosher there, but you get the jist: Enzo "Dog Lobber" Jimenez is out of a job.

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