Manuel Neuer lands first voice acting role in Pixar's sequel to Monsters, Inc.

Posted by Chris Wright

Having won pretty much everything there was to win this season as far as his day job is concerned, Bayern Munich 'keeper Manuel Neuer has expanded his horizons in search of his next challenge with the Germany No.1 moving into the world of voice acting.

Joining the long list of footballing thesps (some better than others), Neuer has signed up for a role in the German dub of the sequel to Pixar classic "Monsters, Inc." called "Monsters University", in which he plays Frank McCay -- the Uni campus' "superstar scarer", as played by The Office's John Krasinski in the American version.

Here's the trailer, featuring some action shots of Neuer doing his thing in the booth. It's all in German, but it's not hard to decipher...

All that time playing alongside the harrowing visage of Franck Ribery has obviously stood Neuer in good stead.

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