Video: Argentine player sent off for despicable act of throwing pitch-invading dog into crowd by its neck

Posted by Chris Wright

Over in the Argentine regional leagues, Enzo Jimenez of Club Bella Vista found himself red-carded for an offence that the TP finds unacceptable: animal cruelty.

During the game in Tucuman, a dog found its way onto the field and bought play to a temporary halt. Taking it upon himself to get the match back on track, Jimenez grabbed the dog with both hands around its neck and carried it to the side of the pitch before attempting to throw it over the perimeter stadium fencing and into the crowd.

However, Jimenez's throw didn't clear the top of the fence and the dog fell back to the floor pitchside, fortunately limping away relatively unscathed as the referee rightfully brandished the red card in Jimenez's direction for his shockingly severe treatment.

Punishment is yet to be metered out by the Argentine FA, but we do have a comparable precedent.

A year or so ago Luis Moreno kicked and killed Atletico Juniors' owl mascot when it landed on the pitch during a Colombian league match.

The Panamanian player was subsequently banned and then fined 26.78 million Colombian pesos (£9,080) by the country's Office of Environment for kicking the owl, ordered to reimburse the cost of the treatment given to the owl before it died to the tune of 600,000 pesos, make a public apology to the city and -- as the icing on the cake -- also made to do community service at the local zoo.

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