Video: Wayne Rooney appears in truly terrible 'Skyfall' James Bond spoof trailer

Posted by Chris Wright

Made using shards of Wayne Rooney's electrifyingly epic turn as Wayne Rooney in Manchester United's corporate-tastic, cheese-laden advert for Chilean wine hawkers Casillero del Diablo last year (cheese and wine: the perfect combination!), Huffington Post have produced a stirring/thoroughly naff trailer for upcoming blockbuster 'Awful' - a spoof of James Bond's latest bells-and-whistles offering, Skyfall, and a jab at Rooney’s patchy scalp form...

Terrible. Rooney's performance doesn't get any better, even when cast alongside Patrice 'General(ly) Orlov(ertheplace)' Evra and Ryan [*moniker snipped for libel reasons*]' Giggs.

Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC/Getty Images

What would James Bond himself, Daniel Craig -- a massive Liverpool fan by trade -- think of that mess? Well, it looks like he and Brendan had a good old laugh about it...

(Video: Huff Po UK)

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