Sunday League team Duckpond FC organise themselves an open-top bus parade to celebrate title win

Posted by Chris Wright

Sunday League side Duckpond FC won the Colchester Sunday League Division Two title (after winning Division Three last season) last weekend and decided to celebrate their success properly by organising themselves an open-top bus parade around their hometown of Harwich, Essex.

Having won 12 of their 16 league games to take the title, the players clubbed together to raise the £300 needed to hire a London bus and also forked out a further £150 to have a giant "Duckpond FC" banner printed up and tied to the side of the bus, which subsequently ferried the victorious team around Harwich and nearby Dovercourt and Parkeston on Saturday afternoon while the squad celebrated on top of it.

Duckpond FC's squad consists of a bunch of mates who have known each other from school with a butcher, a welder, a railway worker and a barman making up the numbers.

Club captain Kris Muir (i.e, the barman), 25, told BBC Sport:

"We wanted to have a proper celebration. We all grew up together and are pals outside of football so we wanted to go out in style and have a proper celebration.

"Word spread on Facebook and people were outside their houses waiting for us to come past. We were getting waves and shouts. It was a great day."

Well played lads, you've earned it -- in so far as someone can earn something they've already paid for, of course.

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