Video: Petrolul's GK bites opponent as Romanian Liga game culminates in 11 yellow cards and 6 reds

Posted by Chris Wright

Petrolul and Gaz Metan ended Wednesday night's Romanian Liga 1 match with nine and seven men on the pitch respectively as the poor, beleaguered referee was made to work for his money - administering a whopping 11 yellow cards and six reds over the course of the game.

In a tie absolutely brimming over with bad behaviour, the undoubted "highlight" of the evening came on the hour-mark when Gaz Metan striker Tha'er Bawab went down like a sack of spuds in the centre circle.

Quite rightly believing his opponent to be crying wolf, one of the Petrolul players charged over and angrily hauled Bawab back to a vertical base using an awkward combination of his various limbs.

Of course, a multi-man skirmish ensued with Petrolul 'keeper Mircea Bornescu hairing up the pitch to get involved.

First it looked as if Bornescu was acting as peacemaker as he struggled to restrain Bawab, but then the goalie took the opportunity to begin sinking his teeth into the striker's arm - resulting in him being shown a straight red card for violent conduct, though not before he'd been punched in the face by a Gaz Metan player seeking retribution...

Amazingly enough, Bornescu still tried the old "Oh, the injustice of it all!" posturing as he received his marching orders, despite him leaving a perfect indent of his dentistry on an opponent's bicep just a couple of minutes earlier.

All this happened with the score at 0-1 to Gaz Metan though, as a result of the many, many, many stoppages, the referee added a colossal 15 minutes of injury time to the end of the second half, which gave Petrolul just enough time to score a 114th-minute equaliser.

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