Man City fans buy advert in Gazzetta dello Sport to thank Roberto Mancini

Posted by Chris Wright

When Roberto Mancini was ousted as manager of Manchester City just over a week ago the suave Italian gentiluomo bought a full-page advert in the Manchester Evening News to thank the City fans for their unwavering support over the course of his three-and-a-smidge years in charge.

So touched were the City fans that a group of them, led by 21-year-old student Adam Keyworth, organised an online fundraising campaign to club together and raise the £7,000 ($10,500-ish) required to reciprocate the love and take out an advert in Italian paper Gazzetta dello Sport to thank Mancini for thanking them in the first place.

On Monday they succeeded, with the "Grazie Mancini: Once a blue, always a blue" ad appearing on page 13 of Monday's edition of Gazzetta...

Along with the big ol' grazie to Mancini, the City fans also whispered a few sweet nothings in Bobby's ear in his native Italian: "Per sempre uno di noi" - which translates as "forever one of us".

Right, just stop it now. This is beginning to verge on being indecent.

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