'Kloppo You Rockstar' - The only Jurgen Klopp tribute song you'll need ahead of the Champions League Final

Posted by Chris Wright

It's official, the world is coo-coo for Jurgen Klopp! Maybe it's the football philosophy, the personable interviews, the passing resemblance to Stephan Merchant or the stubble precision trimmed like a grey-flecked golf green. Who knows?

Ahead of tomorrow night's Champions League final, German comedian Matze Knop -- the musical mastermind behind "Luca Toni Numero Uno" and the almost hymnal "I Wanna Be Like Jurgen Klopp" -- has released his latest masterpiece unto the world: "Kloppo You Rockstar" in time for the big all-German showpiece at Wembley..

It's a stone-cold belter...

Fantastich! However, we can't let Knop sop all the credit here.

The song is actually an anglicised cover of Baron von Borsig's Kraut-trance anthem "Kloppo du Popstar", released a year or two ago in loving tribute to the floppy-haired Dortmund coach.

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