Phantomtor! German amateur striker capitalises on ridiculous referee error

Posted by Chris Wright

We join the action here somewhere in the middle of the recent Altona 93 vs. Vier-und Marschlande fixture in the Oberliga (Hamburg's amateur regional division).

The game eventually ended 3-1 in Altona 93's favour, but it was Vier-und Marschlande's consolation that has been attracting attention, largely being as it was a "phantomtor" (the German phrase for iffy goals that should never have stood) which came about as a result of some particularly unobservant refereeing.

One of the Vier-und Marschlande midfielders smacked a long-range shot which clipped off the Altona crossbar and went over. The ball then immediately also hit the crossbar of the American football goalposts situated directly behind the soccer stantion and rebounded back onto the pitch.

However, while almost everyone else on the pitch turned and waited for the Altona keeper to hoof the resultant goal-kick back upfield, Vier-und Marschlande striker Beytullah Atug stole in and slotted away the loose ball.

The referee, in his eternal wisdom, gave the goal...

Toe Poke are all for a bit of crafty goal-poaching now and then, but even we have limits!

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