Video: Muangthong United’s Gjurovski shown dumbest red card ever, sent off with shorts around his ankles

Posted by Chris Wright

Over in the Thai Premier League, Muangthong United's Mario Gjurovski picked up what may just be the dumbest red card ever administered when his side played TOT Sport Club recently.

Having dinked a slinky little chip over the TOT 'keeper, Gjurovski initially celebrated with a rather sober point to the crowd. However, in a moment of madness, the Macedonian midfielder suddenly whipped down his shorts, placed them on his head and proceeded to pepper the Muangthong supporters with his imaginary Hulk-a-mania-style rat-a-tat-tat motion.

The problem being, of course, that our friend Mario had already picked up a yellow card earlier in the game...

Oh dear, oh dear. Is there any greater shame than getting sent off with your shorts around your ankles?

Well, yes, probably, but we're struggling to think of anything right now.

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