Video: Confused Coentrao has trouble grasping 'off-day' concept

Posted by Chris Wright

With their good buddies over at Barcelona waltzing to the title this year and with the Copa Del Rey Final coming up on the horizon, Real Madrid rested most of their big names for Saturday's game against Espanyol.

Fabio Coentrao was one of those players given the day off, though a bit of miscommunication saw the Portuguese left-back trot out with the subs and take a place on the bench before kick-off, despite him not being actually being selected in the matchday squad.

As the rest of the bench (including Jose Mourinho) tittered away, Iker Casillas gently broke the news to Coentrao, who just couldn't seem to get his head around what was going on -- sitting in confused silence as Casillas explained the situation several times.

The baffled full-back finally twigged and then set about trying to find his actual seat for the match, an epic quest which took him all around the Bernabeu...twice...

Looks like our Fabio isn't exactly the sharpest sandwich in the drawer!

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