Video: Luiz aims troll chuckle at United fans after getting Rafael sent off

Posted by Chris Wright

Thanks to a suitably ropey winner from Juan Mata, Chelsea squeezed past Manchester United's B-string with a scrappy 1-0 victory at Old Trafford on Sunday afternoon to bolster their claim for third place in the Premier League.

Though the game itself was a largely barren, stagnant affair, it reached a pitch moments before the end, when Rafael was shown a straight red card for taking a frustrated swing at Brazilian compatriot David Luiz as the two tussled on the touchline.

United's right-back barely connected, but that didn't stop Luiz flopping to the ground like a paralysed trout (a routine Sir Alex actually likened to a "dying swan" on MotD2!), rolling around for a bit, checking the referee had seen him a couple of times and then sharing a sly troll grin with the United fans in the corner...

As if the berserk, crimped hair wasn't enough to draw similarities with The Simpsons' Sideshow Bob, it would seem that Luiz also dabbles in "evil, maniacal laughter" too.

We would suggest the police start staking out any hydroelectric dams in the west London area, just in case.

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