Video: Bayern fan leaps onto pitch to celebrate Barca rout, players circle round to protect him from security

Posted by Chris Wright

Having watched his side pull down Barcelona's silken bloomers and paddle their little pink behinds over the course of both legs of their Champions League semi-final, it's perfectly understandable how one FC Bayern fan got a little bit carried away and leapt onto the Camp Nou pitch to celebrate with his Bavarian heroes at the final whistle.

The really great bit, however, was seeing the jubilant Bayern players form a tight huddle around their new friend when they caught sight of stadium security closing in to escort the pitch invader back from whence he came...

The encroaching Bayern fan was eventually hauled from the rabble by the stewards, who proceeded to march him off the field and down the tunnel - though not before Franck Ribery jogged over and gave the fan a sweat-drenched memento to take home with him down the front of his jeans...

And a thoroughly lovely time was had by all.

Except Barcelona, of course. For obvious reasons.

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