Furious Rapid Vienna ultras build brick wall in front of club offices to keep management out

Posted by Chris Wright

Ultras-tifo.netThe wall built by the disgruntled Rapid Vienna supporters.

With their side lying a dismal third in the Austrian Bundesliga, 17 points behind Red Bull Salzburg in second place and a colossal 23 points behind FK Austria Wien at the top with just six games left, a group of thoroughly infuriated (that's putting it politely) Rapid Vienna ultras protested the club's dismal performance this season by barricading the management out of their offices in the Austrian capital.

After losing 3-1 to Salzburg on Saturday, a group of Rapid supporters descended on the offices the following night and bricked up the entrance with breeze blocks, hanging a photo of general manager Werner Kuhn on it, along with the message: "I'm not allowed in."

Roger Waters would be proud.

(Image via Ultras Tifo)

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