Now's a good time to get acquainted with 2014 Brazil World Cup's answer to the vuvuzela

Posted by Chris Wright

General view of the Itapava Fonte Nova Arena in Salvador, BrazilGettyImagesThe 56,500-capcity Fonte Nova Arena in Salvador, Brazil

When we think back to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa we think of but one thing: the maddening droning the tournament left in our ears thanks to it being soundtracked from start to end by what sounded like one thousand screaming sheep being amplified to the volume of thunder.

Skip on four years down the line from South Africa and FIFA's tax-exempt circus will be rolling into Brazil.

Worryingly, it seemed like the 2014 World Cup may have passed by without its own synonymous instrument (and we use that word very tenuously) of torture blarting out through every game, but thankfully the country's ministry of sport have seen to it that the "caxirola" is set to become the pesky noise that drives millions of football fans into catatonic stupors next summer.

The caxirola, which has been designed by Brazilian musician Carlinhos Brown, is a little plastic container full of pellets which is shaken to create a percussive rattle. In essence it's just a maraca that looks like a bit like corn-on-the-cob.

In isolation it sounds a little like this...

See the 56,500-capcity Fonte Nova Arena up there in all its magnificent newness? Imagine that place echoing to sound of a million locusts and you're somewhere close.

Can't wait.

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