Norwegian club return from break to find new road built over their pitch

Posted by Chris Wright

Magne Turoy The new infamous road that runs through Ny Krohnborg IL's pitch.

Along with all the usual hurdles faced when returning for pre-season training: slightly tubby players, slack fitness, new signings to bed in, etc, etc: Norwegian side Ny Krohnborg IL were presented with the added hindrance of returning from their off-season break to find that the local council had taken the executive decision to lay tarmac over a portion of their pitch without telling them.

While the regional club were away on winter hiatus, the council pressed ahead with their plans to build a supply road to the new Krohn Minde psychiatric hospital on the campus of Helse Bergen University, which just so happens to be situated right next to Krohnborg's home pitch.

The raised road is now plonked over the corner of the rubber crumb pitch and runs parallel with the goal-line, meaning that the goals themselves have had to be removed -- which, as you can imagine, makes it fairly hard to train, let alone play full matches.

Krohnborg chairman Radney Thomsen was understandably peeved, telling BA:

"We were quite shocked when we discovered that the road cut [into the pitch]. The start of the season is just around the corner, but no one had informed us. We feel simply run over.

"It's downright scary that the various sports clubs that use the pitch have not been told. They have "forgotten" to give notice for the second time in three years. This is not good enough."

The managing director of the local sports council, Roar Andersen, echoed Thomsen's ire:

"How can they go ahead with cutting path without informing us? There are several teams that have league matches here. I thought everyone agreed that the road shouldn't be this shape."

We've heard of road rage, but that's just plain ridiculous!

(Via BA)

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