Video: Juan Mata surprises Chelsea fan at work, invites him for kick-about in the carpark

Posted by Chris Wright

Obviously there's a little bit more to it than that!

As part of the launch gubbins for Chelsea's new 2013-14 home strip, Adidas sent Juan Mata pootling along to an office block somewhere to surprise a Blues fan who had pre-ordered the shirt months ago without so much as seeing it.

To reward the chap for his loyalty, Mata crept up behind him like a Spanish shadow, frightened the bejesus out of him, handed over his new Chelsea shirt, swiftly vandalised it with a permanent marker and then invited the poor, bewildered fan outside for an old-fashioned showdown in the car park.

Something like that anyway...

If there's one thing that you should take away from this video, it's that Juan Mata ("number 10, of Chelsea?") is a massive dude.

(Video: Adidas Football)

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