Video: Juninho sees dumb red card for vigilante Time-Wasting Police hit job

Posted by Chris Wright

Here's a rare thing: a red-card incident where both parties come out of it looking like tools of the highest calibre.

During the very last moments of Wednesday night's MLS fixture between New York Red Bulls and Sporting Kansas City, KC keeper Jimmy Nielsen decided to act the giddy goose in order to wick away a few more crucial seconds as his side clung to a narrow 0-1 lead.

Not a fan of inebriated wildfowl, Red Bulls' Juninho Pernambucano went all rogue vigilante on Nielsen's derriere, bringing the keeper out of his torpor with a swift toe-poke to the chest/arm/shoulder from a good few yards away.

Nielsen, a man who has shots routinely pelted at him for a living, then proceeded to hit the deck like he'd just had his nose plastered across his face by Mike Tyson...

What a pair of dingbats.

(Video: MLS Soccer)

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