Video: Brazil's Pilo somehow manages to send penalty kick backwards

Posted by Chris Wright

There are many, many nominees in the "WORST PENALTY EVAH!" stakes (here, try these on for size), with the list of worthy candidates growing almost weekly. But never in our lives have we ever seen a spot-kick botched so badly it ends up farther from the goal than where it started.

And that's where America-SP midfielder Pilo comes into the equation, with the Brazilian somehow conspiring to send his penalty against Votuporanguense in the Paulista A3 league on Saturday away from the goal...

These Brazilians with their flawless technique, eh? Utterly baffling.

Technically, it should have been retaken, as the rules state the ball must move forward. But we're guessing the referee was using his discretion in a "there's no way I'm letting you get away with that crap" kind of way.

If that's not The. Worst. Penalty. you've ever seen in your time here on Earth, then we'd love to know what is . .

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