Phil Jones pulled some bloody terrifying faces during the Manchester derby

Posted by Chris Wright

You may already be aware of the "Phil Jones Face" phenomenon but for the uninitiated, allow us to explain: You see, when Manchester United's Phil Jones physical exertion of any kind he surrenders his face to a nightmarish hell demon that dwells within and last night's Manchester Derby is a good case in point.

Over the course of the game, Jones pulled a cavalcade of terrifying gurns at random intervals and we've been able to isolate a few of the best.

However, viewer caution is advised. Some of these images are incredibly harrowing...

Tom Purslow/Man Utd/Getty Images

Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images

Tom Purslow/Getty Images

John Peters/Man Utd/Getty Images

John Peters/Getty Images

Matthew Peters/Getty Images

John Peters/Getty Images

Matthew Peters/Getty Images

Matthew Peters/Getty Images

Paul Ellis/Getty ImagesPhil Jones: Highly praised by Man United manager Sir Alex Ferguson


If you have been affected by anything you've seen here today, there are several numbers you can ring. We suggest you start with The Ghostbusters.

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