Lionel Messi meets his match in the shape of a robotic Japanese goalkeeper

Posted by Chris Wright

Every single keeper from every single other La Liga side has failed to stop Lionel Messi registering over the course of his last 19 league games but the Barcelona star has finally met his match in the shape of a robotic goalie cobbled together by a Japanese gameshow.

Appearing in a section called "Messi vs Robotkeeper" the Argentinian was charged with simply beating the laser-guided stopper from the penalty spot. Messi's first two efforts are repelled by Robokeep, but he eventually manages to hit the back of the net by giving his mechanical nemesis "the eyes" before his third attempt...

Robokeep's a decent enough goalie with a good command of his area, but sadly he's got nothing on the Super Great Toilet Keeper.

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