Video: Bulgarian manager steals referee's cards, throws them away in protest

Posted by Chris Wright

Botev Vratsa coach Antoni Zdravkov didn't take overly kindly to referee Alexandre Kostadinov sending off one of his men for a deliberate handball during the 12th minute his relegation-bothering side's Bulgarian Premier League game against CSKA Sofia Saturday.

Indeed, Zdravkov was so incensed he decided to show the world just how seethingly angry he was with the decision by stealing Kostadinov's cards, "booking" the perplexed official for being so inept, then attempting to tear the cards in half only to fail due to some pesky laminate before hurling them into the crowd in protest...

Zdravkov was then escorted back into the bowels of the stadium by police and forced to watch his side go down 4-3 to CSKA from the dressing rooms.

Nice work.

(Video: Guardian Football)

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