Brazilian side admit fielding two players wearing same shirt number in deliberate ploy to confuse opponents

Posted by Chris Wright

Helio Suenaga/Getty Images

Who's who? Who knows!

Well, this is a new one on us. Brazilian side Uniao Barbarense have admitted deliberately fielding two players wearing the same shirt number in a bid to confuse their opponents.

Having played the first half of their recent fixture against Linense wearing his usual No.7 jersey, Uniao Barbarense (who play in the second tier of Sao Paulo's regional Campeonato Paulista) sent midfielder Claudio Britto out for the second half wearing the same number as defender Rafael Silva.

That meant that Barbarense were playing with two No. 5s on the field for 26 minutes of the second half until the referee noticed the ruse, ordered Britto to change his shirt and showed him a yellow card for his troubles.

Ah, Brazilian football. The gift that keeps giving!

Britto, who finally finished the game wearing the No.17 jersey (are you keeping up?), told Sportv after the game: "They were on the attack and we used all the tricks we could to keep them at bay. It was our strategy and it worked."

It's tough to argue. While it's hard to fathom how playing with two No.5s on the pitch would've provided any significant benefit, Barbarense eventually ran out 3-2 winners!

Mission: Accomplished.

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