Meet the 50-year-old, 20-stone 'Welsh Maradona' of freestyle football

Posted by Chris Wright

Allow us to take a second to introduce you to a chap who is currently going viral after being spotted flexing his freestyle chops down near the docks in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, Wales...

Since his first video went viral, there has been a fair bit of clamour to seek out the 'Welsh Maradona' (he's even done an interview with Sky Sports News) and find out more about the story behind the man behind the Youtube highlights reel.

Here's the scoop: His name is Andrew Cassidy, he's 50 years old, weighs 20+ stone and took up keepy-uppy when he lost his job as a trawlerman in 2002. Since then he's spent around two hours a day juggling his football at the back of a car park by the retail centre in Milford Docks, honing his craft on his lonesome.

Andrew, whose favourite players are Pele and Lionel Messi despite his new found nickname, told Wales Online:

"I'm quite agile for a big guy and I've got good hand-eye coordination, balance and timing. I'm pretty good even though I've got a lot of blubber on me.

"It's just a matter of practice and I've got plenty of time on my hands for that.

"[My keepy-uppy record] must be hundreds. I can keep it up for hours if I really want to. It's just something I have learned to do to keep me fit and healthy."

The best bit is yet to come, however, for currently unemployed Andrew has been invited to the World Freestyle Football Championships in Dubai to be the star guest at their opening ceremony, and will get paid £200-a-day and put up in a luxury hotel for his troubles.

Let that be a lesson kids: Sod your "Five a Day", the world only starts opening up to you once you reach that magic 20-stone mark!

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