Photos: Neymar given the ultimate tribute - a woefully bad waxwork

Posted by Chris Wright

This 'ere is the handiwork of Brazilian wax 'artist' Marcelo Rezende, who has been tasked (by whom we're not exactly sure...) with producing a series of waxy effigies of Brazilian players ahead of the 2014 World Cup.

Naturally, Rezende's first victim subject was cockatoo-coiffed tyro Neymar, who, at the tender age of 20 has been bestowed with the finest tribute available to the footballer of today -- a bafflingly terrible, bordering-on-indistinguishable waxwork in his own image...

Looks like Senhor Rezende may have left an old Limahl mannequin next to the radiator over night and hoped for the best.

(Via Futbolita)

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