Seedorf shown 2nd career red card for 'leaving pitch in wrong direction'

Posted by Chris Wright

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Clarence Seedorf had, before last weekend, only been shown one solitary red card over the course of his 21-year, 800ish-game professional career, especially given that he's pretty much been impeccably behaved throughout.

However, all that changed on Sunday evening when the 36-year-old Dutch midfielder was sent off while playing for Botafogo for the monstrous crime of "not walking off the pitch in the correct direction" after being substituted late on in his Brazil side's 2-1 away win over Madureira.

Having seen his number come up after scoring earlier in the match, Seedorf slowly began trudging across the pitch to the bench in a bid to eat up a few seconds. Quite rightly, the referee was having none on the veteran's gamesmanship and ordered him to leave the pitch on the near side and walk round the perimeter to the dugout.

Seedorf chose to ignore the ref, who then brandished a yellow. Unperturbed, Seedorf continued to mosey off "the wrong way" across the pitch and swiftly picked up a second booking for his insolence...

Soft as a pillow full of marshmallows and kitten's sighs.

While we're on the subject, how about that first career red card? Well, it came against Messina in 2006, when Seedorf gingerly "slapped" one of his opponents on the back of the head following a (very) minor altercation...

The man's clearly an animal!

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