Ordering a Bendtner shirt? Juventus shop might stop you!

Posted by Chris Wright

A couple of weeks ago it was reported by Danish paper Sporten that Juventus were yet to sell a single Nicklas Bendtner replica shirt in their club shop, which perhaps isn't that surprising once you factor in that the on-loan striker has yet to score in his 10 decidedly unimpressive, injury-hit appearances for The Old Lady so far this season.

While Bendtner is undoubtedly a bit a berk and tends to play with all the grace and ability of a poisoned horse, there may just be another reason why the Dane is yet to flog a shirt, insomuch as the staff at the Juventus club shop actively attempt to talk people out of buying them on the basis that they must be completely out of their mind!

TalkSPORT had presenter Darren Gough phone the Juve club shop and attempt to place an order for a "Bendtner 17" shirt, only for the staff to do their level best to talk the former England cricketer out of it, constantly asking if he was sure and repeatedly offering alternative shirts...

At first we assumed the whole thing was a spoof with TalkSPORT just getting the Italian guy in their office to provide the voice of "Juve Club Shop Staff Member No. 1", but we're reassured this is a genuine conversation.

Perhaps Juventus are just hoping that no one has noticed they signed Bendtner over the summer and are now merely trying to pretend it never happened.

To be honest, who could blame them?

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