Video: Brazilian player karate kicks referee in face for not adding enough injury time

Posted by Chris Wright

With his side, Independente de Limeira, trailing 0-1 as the clocked ticked past the 90-minute mark during their Brazilian Paulista A3 championship tie against Marilia on Saturday, Johnny Dos Santos did not take kindly to the piffling amount of stoppage time the referee tacked on.

Faced with just four additional minutes in which to sneak and equaliser, Dos Santos was appalled with the referee's decision and duly let him know exactly what he thought of his extra four minutes by stomping over to the ref and poleaxing him with a vicious Yakuza kick to the face...

Well, it's hard to argue that Dos Santos certainly got himself some more injury time with that one, though it's fairly safe to assume that he'll be hearing from the Brazilian FA over the next few days.

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