St Johnstone dedicate new 2013-14 away kit to Eskisehirspor, their new Turkish BFFs

Posted by Chris Wright Scottish club St. Johnstone will be playing away matches next season in Eskisehirspor colors.

St Johnstone's first European fixture in ten years ended in defeat earlier in the season when they were knocked out of the Europa League qualifying rounds by Turkish side Eskisehirspor by a 3-1 aggregate scoreline, but that didn't stop the two clubs becoming the best of friends.

Such was the impression left on Saints fan Kevin Heller (pictured above, right) by the treatment he and his fellow fans received in Turkey that he felt it only right to contact St Johnstone and suggest that the Scottish club pay tribute to Eskisehirspor by playing in their club colours on the road next season.

Skip forward a few months and looky looky, Saints have just revealed that their new away kit for 2013-14 will be a red and black-striped affair. You probably don't need us to tell you what colours Eskisehirspor play in.

St Johnstone chairman Steve Brown told the club's official website:

"Fans and club officials really hit it off over the two games. We were treated like royalty over there and we did our best to show them true Scottish hospitality when they came to Perth.

"Both clubs were making the most of their European experience and when one of our fans, Kevin Heller, wrote to the club suggesting that we could adopt their red and black colours for our away kit for next season we were delighted to go for it."

Heller added:

"Close ties were created over the two matches and fans have continued to keep in touch through Facebook.

"They made us feel really welcome and we tried to return the favour when their supporters came to Perth. I'm delighted the club have taken up the suggestion of an away kit in their colours and I am confident it will prove popular with fans."

Apparently, since the Europa League game back in July, Saints fans put Eskisehirspor forward for the UEFA Fair Play Award, while the Turkish side reciprocated by taking to the field for a domestic game carrying a large banner which read "We are all St Johnstone fans".

Awww. It must be love, love, love!

(Photo: SJFC)

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