Video: BBC newsreader (& Man City fan) laughs while reporting Man Utd's loss to Real Madrid

Posted by Chris Wright

There is a concept that underpins the entire world of professional wrestling known as "kayfabe", wherein wrestlers portray staged or theatrical events as being "real", i.e, Hulk Hogan may hate Ric Flair with every fibre of his being as far as kayfabe is concerned, when really the pair may regularly go round to each other's houses on weekends to split a pot of peppermint tea and a plate of French Fancies while they compare fabric swatches.

Along with the baby oil-smeared world of pro wrestling, kayfabe also exists in many walks of life -- take, say, BBC news-reading for example: BBC newsreaders are duty bound to be right down the middle on everything, M.O.R., absolutely and unequivocally impartial to the nth degree. Personal opinions are strongly discouraged.

With that in mind, watch BBC News anchor Clive Myrie -- a devout Manchester City fan according his Twitter profile and Wikipedia entry -- trying to get through his segue to a report on Manchester United losing to Real Madrid the previous day without breaking kayfabe, quite literally LOLing as his thoughts turned to all the "upset people in Manchester" and then all the other citizens of the city who "were quite happy" with the outcome...

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