Video: Juventus and Celtic fans swap scarves over stadium security wall

Posted by Chris Wright

In this line of work it's not often that you're privy to stadium footage that doesn't descend into a bloodthirsty brawl within minutes, but last night came a genuinely touching scene in the terraces during Juventus' Champions League last 16 second leg victory over Celtic.

With the Bhoys already 2-0 down on the night, 5-0 down on aggregate and all but out, a Celtic fan - using nothing more than eye contact and a few internationally recognised pointy hand gestures - swapped scarves with a Juventus fan on the other side of the plexiglass dividing wall installed to keep them apart.

The pair then shared a moment when they both placed their hands on the "glass" in a gesture of wordless love like Kirk and Spock before them, before both turning and walking off into the sunset...


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