Video: Burst pipe floods pitch in Kazakhstan league, players ordered to take corner anyway

Posted by Chris Wright

Remember the "You Are The Ref!" cartoon strip? Where ordinary oiks like you or I were presented with a divisive footballing scenario and asked how we'd go about officiating properly? Well, here's a doozy for you...

You are the ref of a Kazakhstan league game. You give a corner. You then glance over and notice that a burst pipe has submerged the entire corner of the pitch under a foot or so of murky brown water.

Do you, A: think "sod this", abandon the match and go and have a nice warm cup of tea in the cafe down the road, or B: order the player to take the corner while he stands ankle-deep in the murk, even forcing him to retake it when the ball floats out of the quadrant?

The answer may surprise you...

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