Solid gold cast of Messi's foot goes on sale in Japan, yours for just 5.25 million dollars

Posted by Chris Wright

Struggling to nail down that perfect gift for Mother's Day? How about getting your dear old Ma that solid gold replica of Lionel Messi's foot that she's always wanted?

The work of Japanese jeweler by the name of Ginza Tanaka Kikinzoku (who took the cast of Messi's left foot at the end of 2012), the sculpture is made from pure gold, weighs 25kg, stands at 25cm tall and could be yours for the bargain sum of just US $5.25million (£3.5million).

Tanaka was joined by none other than Lionel Messi...'s older brother Rodrigo to unveil the piece in Tokyo yesterday, with Messi the Elder remarking: "It's exceptional. You can see each line on the foot. Its an impressive piece of work."

Tanaka also took the opportunity to confirm that a portion of the profits would go directly to the Lionel Messi Foundation, who would in turn use the money to help support children in areas still affected by the devastating tsunami that hit Japan back in 2011.

Mum'll be so pleased. Wonder if they'll deliver it by Sunday?

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