Video: Andrea Pirlo shows us around his vineyard . . .

Posted by Chris Wright

. . .in which Pirlo, his cardigan and his beautiful, lush, immaculately groomed beard take us on a tour around his family's property in the hills above Brescia in northern Italy.

As well as sipping away at his plonk in a manner befitting such a stately midfielder, Pirlo also admits that he hopes to take over the vineyard once he grows tired of spraying perfect 75-yard passes onto his teammates' toes for a living.

There’s even a guest appearance from Mama Pirlo, who describes her son as "a lively but quiet child". Figures...

Lovely. Of course Pirlo owns a vineyard, it makes perfect sense.

Andres Iniesta also owns a wine bodega in Albacete. It's just something that World Cup-winning midfield genii do.

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