Video: Dimitar Berbatov keeps calm and does the Harlem Shake

Posted by Chris Wright

Right, we promise this is the last Harlem Shake video we're going to post as the video meme, while not quite dead yet, is currently wheezing away mournfully inside an Iron Lung and begging to be disconnected.

We've already seen Man City and the Crystal Palace cheerleaders have a crack, but now Fulham have become the latest English club to produce their rendition of the viral whatjamacallit - with Dimitar Berbatov stealing the scene once again with a Kolarov-eqsue show of deadpan rigidity, appearing in a special t-shirt reading: "Keep calm and do the Harlem Shake"...

Oh, the money we'd have gladly paid to see Martin Jol dancing in that clip. Alas, it just wasn't to be!

(Video: Fulham FC)

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