Dimitar Berbatov is really rather good at drawing celebrity caricatures

Posted by Chris Wright

While other footballers are content to fill their copious free time by getting standard-issue tattoo sleeves and withering their thumbs down to red raw stubs with marathon Xbox sessions, Fulham striker Dimitar Berbatov engages in a slightly more artistic pursuit of an afternoon.

Turns out that the Bulgarian has a penchant for drawing celebrity caricatures and has posted many of his etchings up on his Facebook page to share with his "friends".

Beginning with a drawing of Snoop Dogg last year, Berbatov posted the following message alongside his debut cartoon: "When I see something on the web and I like it, I try to draw it... If you like it, I'll [draw] some more:)"

It seems that folks did indeed like what they were seeing, as since then Berba's portfolio has swollen to include pencil portraits of the likes of Marlon Brando (as Don Corleone), Tupac Shakur and Bruce Willis among others...

Not bad, eh?

(Via Berbatov's Facebook)

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