Video: Arsenal Sarandi defender annihilates Ronaldinho's shins with terrible flying two-footer

Posted by Chris Wright

During Tuesday night's Copa Libertadores tie between Brazil's Atletico Mineiro and Argentina's Arsenal de Sarandi, Ronaldinho came within a whisker of having his shinbones sheared clean from his legs when Arsenal defender Diego Braghieri connected with a truly ghastly two-footed horror lunge in the area...

Crikey O'Riley, that's a potential leg-breaker right there - a double leg-breaker even. Grim.

However, for reasons unbeknownst, the referee failed to so much as book Braghieri for his assault on Ronaldinho's fleshy bits with the Mineiro man eventually dusting himself off to take the resultant penalty.

He only went and missed the bugger, didn't he?

Kudos are definitely due to Ronny, who didn't react and was even prepared to shake Braghieri's hand after the game - though in TP's book he'd have been well within his rights to give him a swift right hook.

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