Video: Worst tackle of season so far comes in vicious world of US girls' High School football

Posted by Chris Wright

It looks very much like the worst tackle of the season so far has been filed and, as everyone predicted, it came in the cut-throat, violently feral world of girls' high school soccer a couple of weeks ago.

During the match between Utah high schools East High and Woods Cross, schoolgirl Petiola Manu almost destroyed the face of opponent Makenzie Clark as she lay prone on the floor...

(Via Deadspin)

The incident was picked up by local news, to such an extent in fact that Manu had to issue a statement publicly apologising for her assault on Clarke's boat race: "I let my emotions get the best of me and I took it too far. And I just want to apologise to Makenzie Clark and everyone. I'm sorry."

"[I'm] grateful she didn't hit her in the temple, that she didn't break her jaw," said Makenzie's mother Susie Clark. "I mean, there were so many other things that could have gone wrong that were really, really lucky Makenzie was OK. I'm not naive. I know that soccer is a rough sport."

To be fair to the young'n, Mackenzie took the knee like a heavyweight boxer rather than a 13-year-old school girl with less meat on her than the kitchen table at Morrissey's house.

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