Video: Man City do The Harlem Shake, Kolarov does not do The Harlem Shake

Posted by Chris Wright

As Little Englanders, we've got absolutely no idea what 'The Harlem Shake' is (our best guess is it's some kind of American youth thing like Tebowing, planking or jelly beans) but it would seem that the world and his dog are doing it, whatever it is, at the moment.

Being a club who have never met a Youtube craze they didn't like, Man City have produced their own insane version - however, Aleksandar "Jingle Bells" Kolarov (who is quickly becoming a meme unto himself) is not one for such frivolity.

Keep an eye on the deadpan Serb. His "performance" is an absolute scene-stealer...

(Video: MCFC Official)

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