Video: Argentine fan climbs fence, invades pitch & attacks his side

Posted by Chris Wright

South American football has many subtle joys: the expansive exciting football, the manic neck-high horror lunges, the 22-man brawls and the occasional crazy lone Defensores De Belgrano fan wanting to spur on his side by beating up all of their players...

Yep. With bottom-of-the-league Defensores down 3-0 at home with just ten minutes remaining in their Argentinian third-division game against Deportivo Moron (yes, you read that correctly!), an irate fan clambered down the terracing, scaled the huge safety fence and hurtled onto the pitch to inspire a comeback from his side by swinging punches at defender Nahuel Fioretto before throwing a chair at him and running away.

The game was suspended several minutes while things calmed down before the fixture resumed.

However, everything didn't calm down as Belgrano players were forced to stay in the dressing room for 40 minutes after the game due to the hordes of incensed fans baying for their blood outside.

Nothing like a bit of partisan bloodlust to help rally the troops.

(Via 101GG)

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