Photo: Thanks to Brazilian TV fit club, 'Fat Ronaldo' is not fat anymore

Posted by Chris Wright

Thanks to enrolling on a celebrity weight loss show on Brazilian TV in September of last year, the man they once rather harshly referred to as 'Fat Ronaldo' (come on, he was never that big) once the Cristiano-flavoured alternative turned up is fat no longer.

Ronaldo and Neymar Brazil
GettyImagesRonaldo: Last seen looking a tad portly

After originally weighing in on "Medida Certa" (which translates as "The Right Measure") at a slightly portly 119kg, Ronaldo has hemorrhaged nearly 20kg in five months thanks to a strict diet plan and exercise regime - and he's not shy in letting the world see his newfangled physique, posting this image to his Instagram account.

BOOM! Looking trim their Slim. In fact, it now looks like Ronaldo is carrying significantly fewer pounds than in the last few years of his professional career - most of which he spent looking like a partially inflated bouncy castle.

(Image: @ronaldolima)

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