Mancini, Kompany, Hart and Milner become official voices of Metrolink's Manchester tram line

Posted by Chris Wright

Press Association/AP ImagesRoberto Mancini's smooth, soothing voice will greet Manchester tram riders pulling into the new Etihad stop.

The footballer's life is full of impossible glamour. One day you're picking up 25 pounds a week on Dover Athletic's YTS scheme and sleeping in your car, the next: you're raking in the moolah as the official face of the Cheque Centre in Blackpool - if you play your cards right of course.

Take the latest glad-hand offered to Roberto Mancini, Vincent Kompany, Joe Hart and Jimbo Milner for example. The Man City quartet have just signed up to become the official voices of Metrolink’s east Manchester tram line.

We ask you: Does it get anymore glamorous than that?

To mark the opening of the new Etihad Campus tram stop outside City's stadium, Mancini et al have recorded a cltuch of "Next stop..." announcements that will be played to passengers on match-days to let fans know where they are and where they're going.

Here are the samples (as hosted on Audiboo by MEN Media) that are due to be used for the first time ahead of City's FA Cup game against Leeds on Sunday...

Roberto Mancini
Vincent Kompany (complete with ace "This is your captain speaking" gag!)
Joe Hart
James Milner

Anyone who has tried to dechiper one of Roberto Mancini's post-match interviews (especially the angry ones) will know that his English isn't always the most fluent, but it sure sounds to us like he calls it "The Idiot Campus".

Maybe he's trying to tell us something?

(Via Manchester Evening News)

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