Apparently referees showing players 'blue cards' is a thing in Greek amateur football

Posted by Chris Wright

This 'ere footage is taken from a Greek amateur league game between Tsiklitiras Pylos and AE Longa (on what may just be the worst pitch we've seen since the 1980s) and we join the action with Pylos striker George Kaldis steering the ball over the line with his hand

Quite understandably, the Longa defenders are up in arms (pun intended) and swarm the referee to complain about Kaldis' goal while the Pylos frontman wheels off in celebration with the rest of his teammates.

After a few minutes of deliberation, a sheepish Kaldis eventually comes forward and confesses his crime, only to be administered with a BLUE card by the referee...

According to Greek site Sport 24, the Greek amateur leagues are pioneering the 'blue card' scheme, which allows the referee to show the card to players or coaches who display admirable sportsmanship during a game.

It's nothing more than a gesture -- you can't save your blue card points up and then use them to get money off your car insurance, weekly shop, etc -- but the card allows the crowd to see that one of their players has promoted fair play, which is nice.

That said, given the length of time Kaldis spent celebrating before sheepishly fessing up to the official, we're not entirely sure he was 100% dedicated to the whole "upholding the spirit of the game" thing at all.

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